Hi! Ura here to show Shadra's art! Look around? New stuff come all the time... Come back lots!



Another marker picture, this time of Xelloss... Ura thinks he's kind of scary...



This picture was done by Ronzo, a very nice fanartist whom Shadra met at Animazement. She had this commisioned.


"Sore wa... himitsu dePuu"

Ura think that if you can't guess what this is from the title, you'd be safer!


"Lina: Head Shot"

It's Lina Inverse from the main page! Shadra was just learning how to color with markers, but didn't have enough skin tones at first, so the skin is colored with pencil.


"Dilandau Albatou: Fire Spirit"

This is a picture of Dilandau from Escaflowne. Shadra did this one for a good friend of hers, Syrena! Syrena does cool art! There's a link in the Link section! Go!


"Sana-chan... the Pluto?"

This Sana Kurata AKA Sailor Pluto from Sean Gaffney and Jeff Hosmer's "Trials and Errors". Ura like this one.


"A Magic Touch"

Shadra says people like this one. Ura like this one too. Ura not know who lady in picture is, though...



Artemis is a friend of Ura! In this picture, Artemis made new friend! Ura like this one as well.



Luna also made new friend! Ura think that Luna is pretty... Ura never said this, though!


Midlife Crisis

Luna think that Artemis has issues... Ura thinks Luna right! ... Ura never said this!!


Ura for Mayor?

Ura think Shadra crazy... She make Ura look like Nixon! What this picture have to do with mints??



Pretty! This picture was made in Corel Dream3D! Ura think it is very pretty!



Poor Shataran. She is very sad. This picture from an upcoming fanfiction called "Kesshin Shita"


Penny Gabriev

This is Penny Gabriev from Stefan Gagne's "Slayers: Demiurge" which you find at: http://pixelscapes.com/slayers/demiurge/



That a weird name. Ura have NO idea what it mean. The picture, though, is of Shadra's mortal form (whatever that mean)



Some pretty waves. Ura does not like the ocean, however. Ura's fur gets very sticky. Ura also wish that Shadra not use Ura as bathing suit sometimes.



Yay! Another picture of Ura!.. What is Ura looking at that makes Ura so nervous?


Gourry by Kristen Smirnov

WAI! Ura LOVE this picture! Kristen did a WONDERFUL job, and was very nice to let Shadra post it on her page! Here's a link to her page:


Go look!

More come later, Ura sure!